Success Stories

The following stories are some highlights of the success our team has achieved for our clients in recovering their assets. Call us today and we will do our very best to deliver you the results you are looking for.


Story 1
“Our client contacted us to help them recover some high end equipment. They had been unable to locate the equipment. 48 hours after receiving the client’s call, our team found the location where the equipment had been moved too. 72 hours later, we client had the equipment back in their possession.”

Story 2
“The client called us and told us about a close friend that he believed had stolen his custom motorcycle. The client had no proof of this and felt the police were not taking him serious and doing enough to find his prized motorcycle. Our team located the “friend” and watched him for several days with no success. Thinking outside the box, we contacted the friend through social media and posed as a female. Our staff was able to chat up the subject and told the friend that we loved motorcycles. Guess what, the friend offered to take his new female friend for a ride. He showed up for the ride on the stolen motorcycle. The motorcycle was recovered and the “friend” was prosecuted.

Story 3
Our client needed a yacht located and recovered from a person who stopped paying his payments. The client had hired another company and they had not had any success. We decided to watch the subject on a summer holiday weekend and guess what. We followed him straight to the yacht where he was planning on going on a cruise for the holiday. Unfortunately, his plans quickly changed when a repo team arrived and took possession of the yacht.

Story 4
A client contacted us and told us he had a 7 figure judgment against someone, but was having a hard time finding any assets he could execute against and seize. He knew the judgment was worthless unless he could find some tangible assets. Our team got on the case and was able to find that the subject was stashing cash in multiple safety deposit boxes and concealing other cash with relatives. We were able to compile enough information on the subject’s activities that the client was able to execute his judgment. The client did not get 100% of the judgment recovered, however he was able to recover 95% of what he was owed. Not so bad!